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Dog kidney failure
A dog is not just a fun playmate. This is a member of the family who has entrusted you with his health and life. The care for the well-being of…

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Dog kidney failure

A dog is not just a fun playmate. This is a member of the family who has entrusted you with his health and life. The care for the well-being of the pet rests entirely with the owner. The well-being and quality of life of the pet depends on your attention and responsibility. So, neglect of preventive examinations by a veterinarian can lead to serious diseases. Many of them are insidious, and you may not notice symptoms until irreversible changes occur. A prime example is renal failure in dogs. Let’s talk about this in our article.
Renal failure – what is it?
Renal failure in dogs is a violation of kidney function, in which their excretory ability decreases or stops. Most often, the disease occurs in dogs over the age of 5 years, but there are exceptions. To better understand the nature of PN, let’s talk about what tasks the kidneys perform.

The kidneys are a kind of filter. They hold and remove harmful substances that enter the body. Unfortunately, under such a load and under the influence of certain factors, the “filter” begins to wear out. Kidney cells (nephrons) fail, and toxins that were previously filtered out penetrate the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. At first, there are few toxins, since healthy kidney cells take on the burden of failed cells and continue to maintain their function. But more and more cells are gradually dying, which means that more and more toxins are spreading throughout the body. Slowly but surely they destroy the body from the inside. This is renal failure.
Dog Renal Failure: Symptoms
Renal failure is a dangerous disease. Including because in the initial stages it is almost impossible to catch. The only way is to regularly check the pet’s blood, but for no reason, not every owner does this. But in vain.

Signs of kidney failure in dogs become noticeable quite late: when more than half of the kidney cells fail and healthy cells can no longer cope with their load. The animal has weakness, limited mobility, intense thirst, increased urge to urinate, an increase in the amount of urine, and weight loss.

Acute renal failure in dogs is more categorical. It manifests itself when about 70% of the cells fail, and is dangerous to the life of the animal. In the oral cavity of the pet, ulcers form (under the influence of toxins), he can begin severe vomiting, foam from the mouth, convulsions, trembling. As soon as you notice the first signs of PN, take the dog to a veterinarian.

Renal failure is not a sentence. It can and should be treated. And the sooner therapy begins – the better for your pet, the less negative consequences there will be.

Causes of Dog Renal Failure
The most common causes of PN in dogs include genetic diseases, diseases of the urinary tract, infectious factors, poisoning, malignant tumors, etc.

Dog kidney failure
Dog Prevention, Treatment, and Diet for Kidney Failure
Get your puppy from a responsible breeder. Professional selection reduces the risk of hereditary diseases, including renal failure.

The main prevention of renal failure in dogs is regular examinations by a veterinarian. Ideally, laboratory tests should be done every six months. A blood test for urea and creatinine allows you to track PN in a dog.

Having diagnosed renal failure, a veterinarian prescribes treatment. The nature of therapy depends on the general condition of the animal and the course of the disease.

A mandatory part of treatment is the diet. Dog nutrition for kidney failure should be aimed at maintaining kidney function. For this, special veterinary diets are prescribed for the pet (for example, Monge Vetsolution Renal grain-free food with a functional system for treating kidney failure). The diet is also recommended by a veterinarian.

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