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How to train a dog the command “Voice” and “Crawl”?

The Voice and Crawl teams are more complex than other teams from the initial training course. You can start them after the puppy reaches six months of age and master the basic commands: “fu”, “to me”, “place”, “next to”, “sit”, “lie”, “stand”, “aport” , “Walk.” How to train a puppy to execute these commands?

How to teach a dog the Voice command?
The best time to train the Voice team is when the puppy turns six months old. At this age, he is not only very smart, but also more patient. So, ready for the study of complex teams.

To work out the team you need a short leash and a treat. Find a calm place where the dog can concentrate on the exercises and nothing will distract her.
Stand opposite the puppy
Hold the treat in your right hand

With your left foot, step on the tip of the leash to fix the position of the dog

Let the puppy sniff a treat

Lift a treat over the puppy’s head and move it from side to side

During this, your arm should be bent at the elbow. The palm forward should be at the level of your face. This is a special gesture for the Voice team.

Simultaneously with the movement of the hand, command: “Voice!”

The puppy, attracted by the aroma of goodies, will want to catch it and eat it. But since his position is fixed by a leash, he cannot jump to a treat. In such a situation, an excited pet usually begins to bark – and this is our goal

As soon as the puppy gives a voice, be sure to praise him: say “okay”, treat him to a treat, pet

Repeat the exercise 3-4 times, take a short break and repeat the exercise again.

How to train a dog voice command?
How to teach a dog the Crawl team?
Start teaching your dog a team when she is 7 months old. To learn how to crawl, the puppy must be able to accurately execute the “lay” command.
To practice the team, choose a safe place to be. If possible, look for the area covered with grass, without any foreign objects, so that the dog does not accidentally injure itself.
Command “Lie”
When the puppy lies down, sit down closer

Hold the treat in your right hand

Put your puppy’s left hand on the withers

Bring the puppy a treat so that it crawls after it

Command “Crawl”

If the puppy wants to stand up, hold it with a gentle pressure on the withers

When the puppy crawls, praise him: say “good”, give me a treat

After the break, repeat the exercise a couple more times.

At first, it is enough for the puppy to crawl a short distance: 1-2 m. Over time, he will master a distance of 5 m, but do not rush things. Crawl is a difficult team for a puppy. It requires a lot of patience and a high level of concentration. In order for a pet to successfully assimilate it, it is important not to let it overtax and let it work at its own pace.

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