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What are the dog training courses?

A trained dog is not only a reason for pride, but also a guarantee of safety for both the pet itself and everyone around it. But that is not all. For centuries, people have been selecting dogs with various inclinations and abilities – they made different breeds that can be conditionally divided into functional cattle, hunting (pointers, hounds), security, service and companion dogs. These dogs, like humans, need to exercise their abilities in order to be happy. And the right training technique allows you to discover and develop their natural talents. This, you see, is much nicer and more useful than raising a “sofa” pet.
You can do the training yourself. But this requires experience and a lot of time, especially when it comes to medium and large breeds. In any case, the result of “home” training loses to specialized courses. After all, if you are not a professional, it is difficult to create a truly competent program and take into account the behavioral characteristics of your dog specifically. That is why special courses are in such demand. In our article we will talk about the five most popular programs.

1. OKD
OKD is a general course, the Russian system of training. It includes training the dog in behavioral norms, basic commands (“to me”, “near”, “lying”, “sitting”, etc.), as well as some special disciplines, such as aporting and running with obstacles. In addition, the course allows you to improve the physical shape of the dog.

Training takes place on the site, with the participation of the owner, individually or in a group. Training can start already from 3.5 months: this will avoid problems with the behavior of the puppy. But for exams and competitions in OKD, a dog is allowed about a year. You can take the OKD exam only in Russia.

What are the dog training courses?
2. VN or UGS
These two courses can be combined into one point, since in essence they are analogues.

VN is a German companion dog training program. The course includes in-depth training in general obedience and master-dog contact teams. Unlike OKD, you will not find passing obstacles and aporting here, but the program will teach you how to manage your pet on the site or in the city. The VN exam can be taken in many countries.

UGS stands for “controlled city dog.” The course includes a minimum of entertainment and a maximum of obedience. Thanks to the program, the dog learns to behave properly on a walk: do not pull the leash, do not pick up food from the ground, do not bark passers-by, do not be afraid of noise, etc. An interesting feature – there are no normative commands in the course. You can use both generally accepted teams and copyright (without fanaticism, they must be censored). The UGS course has not been officially accepted by the Russian Kennel Federation, so if you plan to send your dog for exams at the RKF, it is better to choose a different program. Training and exams for the course are conducted by dog ​​training clubs.

Both programs are an alternative to OKD with an emphasis on dog management in all situations, and not just in closed areas (as in the general course). Designed for dogs on average from 5-6 months.

3. Obedience
International dog obedience program, especially popular in America and Europe. The course is designed to train companion dogs. The complexity of this discipline is to train the dog to quickly and impeccably execute commands given without a voice and / or from a distance.

The main feature of the course is unusual competitions. Several dogs participate in the process at once. They compete in who performs the teams better and faster. Competitions and championships on obedience are held around the world.

The course is designed for dogs aged 6 months.

4. Agility
This is the favorite course of most dogs and their owners! The English program, aimed at both learning and entertainment.

In the classroom, the owners and their pets learn to pass obstacle courses together, without a collar, leash or even treats. No encouragement or contact in the way of obstacles is allowed.

The program develops agility, concentration, reaction, improves physical fitness, and most importantly – teaches teamwork. Having mastered agility, the owner and the dog perfectly understand each other and do not experience problems with obedience.

According to many, agility is not training, but a way of life, a real and very exciting sport for both the dog and its owner!

This discipline is popular all over the world. Every year a huge number of competitions are held on it. Age does not matter for agility. The sooner the puppy starts training, the more chances he has to become a champion!

What are the dog training courses?
5. Mondoring
A very interesting French discipline, developing courage, quick wit, dexterity and natural talents of a dog.

Mondoring teaches a pet behavior in unusual situations: the movement of a stroller, the treatment of persons with disabilities, the protection of young children, protection exercises, etc.

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