Beautiful coat
Under the influence of certain factors, the coat and skin of a pet can lose their health and beauty. We talked about this in more detail in the article “Dandruff…

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Beautiful coat
Under the influence of certain factors, the coat and skin of a pet can lose their health and beauty. We talked about this in more detail in the article “Dandruff…

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10 ways to cheer a dog

Do you know the terrible feeling when your four-legged friend is sad, and you can’t do anything about it? The dog is the most cheerful creature in the world, and when her mood suddenly disappears, it is difficult to remain calm. What to do in such cases? How to cheer a dog up?
Why is the dog sad? Perhaps she was bored with old toys, lacking the attention of the owner or want to take a walk. There can be many reasons. But the first thing the owner should do when he finds a change in mood is to make sure that everything is in order with the pet’s health.

If the dog suddenly becomes sad and lethargic, be sure to consult your veterinarian. You need to make sure that nothing threatens her health.

Eliminating health problems, think about what could upset the dog. A pet can worry for reasons unexpected to you: due to loud noise, an intrusive smell, the arrival of guests, or maybe he is scared by a new vacuum cleaner! Try to identify and eliminate the irritant. And if that doesn’t help, go to our plan. These 10 steps should cheer up your pet!

How to cheer a dog up?
How to cheer a sad dog?
1. Fun walk

Dogs get tired of sitting in four walls for a long time. Sometimes, to fight a bad mood, it’s enough to take them for a walk. On the street, occupy the dog with her favorite game or just walk slowly, depending on what she likes best.

2. New teams

The dog must develop not only physically, but also intellectually. Pets love to explore the world, interact with family members, learn something new. Their quick wits need to be stimulated. If you don’t deal with the dog for a long time, it will get bored.

Be sure to offer the dog new games, learn new teams. It is not necessary to train the dog only in standard commands, you can come up with your own. So, some dogs can open doors or turn off lights. Well, everyone will be glad to bring the right thing to the owner. The main thing is to teach her how to do it.

Turn training and education into an interesting, exciting game, and a good mood pet will be your reward!

3. Awesome goodies

Special treats for dogs are indispensable in education and training. But another purpose is to delight the pet just like that, without reason!

To cheer up a dog, pick up some new unusual treat so that its taste is new to the pet. It is important to choose a special balanced treat for dogs, rather than using food from the refrigerator. Otherwise, diarrhea will join the pet’s decadent mood!

New tasty treats for dogs can be picked up from the Mnyams assortment, for example, delicacies Delicatessen for royalty. And the most unusual and fun ones are from the functional treats of Whimzees, which provide not only a fun game, but also high-quality oral care.

How to cheer a dog
4. Balanced nutrition

In a bad mood and lethargy, malnutrition is often to blame. You may have noticed this on your own. In spring and autumn we drink vitamins to cope with lethargy. And our pets also need healthy substances to feel good.

Make sure the dog food you choose is balanced and suitable for it. If you feed your pet with natural products, ask your veterinarian to prescribe a vitamin-mineral complex.

5. The correct daily routine

A dog is a full member of the family that requires a lot of attention. With a dog you need to walk daily, play, learn and practice teams, engage in upbringing, grooming and more. If the dog sits alone at home all day, and the owner who has returned from work does not pay attention to her, she has every reason to be upset.

How to cheer a dog up?
6. New toys

Even the most fascinating toys over time bother the dog. Therefore, experts recommend alternating them from time to time and do not forget about new things. If you have not pleased your pet with new toys for a long time, it’s time to get better. Present your pet with bright specialized toys suitable for its pedigree features. Well-established brands are Petstages, Zogoflex, Kong, Aromadog. They offer a large selection of models for dogs of all sizes, with different jaw strengths, for independent or joint play with the host.

7. Suitable company

Many dogs are very difficult to experience loneliness, literally plagued by the expectation of the owner. Often leaving them alone is a real mockery. That is why it is recommended to start communicative, active and loving dogs not for one person, but in large families.

Another way to brighten up your pet’s leisure time is to get another dog, and maybe even a cat. Together they will not get bored!

8. Swimming

Remember that swimming relieves stress? For dogs, this is also true. If the street is summer and the weather is nice, go with your pet to a safe reservoir and swim properly. Relaxing in nature with your beloved host, you will not be sad!

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