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How to clean the dog’s ears?

Hygienic procedures are a necessary part of pet care. Not only beauty depends on them, but also the health of your pet. In our article, we will talk about how to properly clean a dog’s ears and is it mandatory to do so.
Does the dog need to brush his ears?
Many owners are convinced that cleaning the ears of a pet is necessary only when they are dirty. But this opinion is erroneous. Even if at first glance the dog’s ears are clean, they still need to be cleaned periodically. Why? Ear wax is constantly released, but in different dogs with different speeds. The dog’s auricles have an L-shaped curve, so discharge is usually not visible. However, if they are not removed, an inflammatory process may occur.

If the pet’s ears are dirty, then before proceeding with the procedure, evaluate the nature of the discharge. On your own at home, you can clean the auricle only of sulfur. In the case of abundant discharge, with redness and soreness of the ear, one cannot engage in amateur activity. Take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Regular cleaning of your ears at home is the removal of ear wax. If there is abundant discharge, you should consult a veterinarian. Perhaps the cause is infection with parasites or otitis media.
How to clean the dog’s ears?
How often to clean the dog’s ears?
In some dogs, ears get dirty quickly, in others – slowly. The pedigree and individual characteristics are to blame, and there is no single norm for all dogs. How often you will clean your pet’s ears depends on the rate of contamination. Most quickly, the auricles are contaminated in long-haired dogs with drooping ears.
Preventative ear cleaning is usually done once every 2 weeks.
How to clean your dog’s ears?
The following steps will help to carry out the procedure correctly:
– we purchase a special lotion for cleaning the ears (for example, 8in1 or ISB Clean Ear);
– carefully read the instructions of the selected tool;

– fix the dog;

– pour lotion into the auricle according to the instructions;

– massage the auricle;

– release the dog and let it shake its head.

If necessary, after the procedure, you can soak the auricle with a sterile cotton swab.
It is not recommended to use ear sticks to clean the ears of the dog: they will not remove the impurities, but will push them deep into.

After the procedure, be sure to treat your pet a treat: he deserves it!

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