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How to trim a dog?

The summer season is in full swing. Someone goes to the cottage for the weekend, and someone for a month or more. If you bring a dog with you, be sure to prepare it for the ride. It is necessary to take the pet to the groomer and take care of protection against ticks. But what if the dog has grown over the course of the stay in the country, is uncomfortable with the heat, and returning to the city and visiting the groomer again while there is no possibility? The answer is simple – bring an animal clipper with you! How to cut the dog yourself, read in our article.

And to begin with, we recall that only dogs of trimmed breeds need a haircut. Wire-haired pets do not need a haircut, but a trimming (for it, not machines are used, but special trimming knives, for example, Show tech).

How to cut a dog with a typewriter?
Leg Cut:

Before proceeding to a haircut, carefully read the operating instructions of the selected machine. Examine the available modes and set up the instrument according to the instructions.

Cut your forelimbs first. Start at their base and gradually go down to your paws.

With one hand, be sure to hold the limb that you mow.

To trim the inside, raise one limb and shave the other at this time. Cut the hind legs in the same way.

How to trim a dog?
Neck cutting:

Start cutting under the muzzle towards the chest.

Be sure to hold your dog’s face in a slightly elevated position.

Abdominal haircut:

When cutting the abdomen, slightly raise the front limbs of the dog and direct the machine from the chest to the groin.

Be especially careful when cutting open areas where the nipples and genitals are located. Do not rush and securely fix the dog so as not to accidentally injure it.

Having acquired a high-quality device, armed with our tips and having a little stuffed hand, you can easily trim a dog yourself at home or in the country.

Which cars are better to use?
Grooming tools are not the ones to save on. The condition of the coat and skin of your pet, their health and beauty, depends on the quality of the machine.

For independent use, it is better to choose compact high-quality machines from trusted brands. Pay attention to the models MOSER REX ADJUSTABLE, REX, ARCO, MAX50, MAX45. They are used by professionals in grooming salons, so the owners themselves right at home. A good machine, a little experience and skill – and soon you yourself will feel like a groomer.

And we wish you easy and enjoyable pet care!

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